Since the dawn of history, murderous act have been committed.  Dating as far back as the times of the Egyptians, and as current as the 21st century, different forms of murder have risen.  One new form of murder has attracted my attention-stem cells.  Visualizing this from a moral perspective, Stem Cell Research obviously does more harm than good.  Stem Cell Research murders innocent humans, create religious controversies, and is outright dehumanizing.  The survival of Stem Cell Research depends on the use of dead fetuses.

Frequently, the ethical question arises: "When does human life begin?"  The Supreme Court ruled out in 1973 that a fetus is not a person.  From the moment a female egg is fertilized, it becomes a living being.  A court of seven judges cannot decide when life begins or ends.  Operation tables kill innocent unborn babies, without argument from the fetus.  In one process, a narrow tube sucks the fetus is through it.  A vacuum connects to the other end of the tube.  Either the unborn child is broken apart or sucked through the tube completely intact.  Stem cells purposely murder lives that never even saw the light of day.  Alfred Hitchcock quoted "One must never set up a murder. They must happen unexpectedly, as in life."  Stem Cell Research is the complete opposite of every such moral that the quote stands by.  Major religions greatly prohibit murder.

Stem Cell Research upsets two large worldwide religions, Christianity and Judaism.  From the Catholic's perspective, they do not support stem cells.  Roman Catholic leaders say that, "Life once conceived must be protected with the utmost care."  These studies take unwanted humans and use them for science.  No longer is life protected with any form of care.  Pope John Paul II "rejects practices that devalue and violate human life at any stage from conception ‘til natural death."  The pope also states these "evils" will lead society to a "culture of death."  These "evils' include abortion, assisted reproductive technology, and artificial contraceptives, form of birth control, and Stem Cell Research.  These advances in medical science are destroying old cultures.  The Jewish believe it is a moral obligation to preserve life and health of other human existence.  Both religions strongly believe human life is a gift and should be cherished.  Unfortunately, not even God can help with humanity's downward spiral to dehumanization.

Stem cells bring out the worst characteristics of humans.  People now have the temerity to put a price on human life.  Recently, people began asking the question "Why must I donate my embryo and not sell?"  Others believe that buying and selling human parts is dehumanizing.  By allowing such actions; society is loosing its respect for human life.  People no longer relinquish organs, or embryos to aid the greater cause, but for quick, easy money.  This opportunity exploits young women, mostly from foreign countries.  In South Korea women are pressured into daily hormone injections.  These injections pump up their ovaries to the size of oranges where they are then harvested for Stem Cell Research.  These women's lives are endangered so that they can make extra money.  "Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself," says Abraham J. Heschel.  The South Korean women lost their respect for human life, and themselves.  In the end, Stem Cell Research degrades the name human.

Morally, Stem Cell Research has only harmed humans.  Stem cells obviously destroy innocent lives, never even giving a glimpse of life.  Major religions shun for not treasuring the gift of life.  Of all stem cells bring forth the worst of people, and our ability to place a price on a human.  Stem Cell Research is another murderous act in our history.