Born global,
ambitions to go beyond

We founded our business based on the theory that technology could do localised content marketing better and faster.
We now cover 70+ markets aiming well above 100.


To become an internationally recognised AI-driven Digital Media Group that runs 1000’s of brands, in 100’s of languages, in all digital channels.

// Why we will Succeed

Born global with a methodical approach

Global Scale

We operate globally to ensure that we find the largest volume of high-intent consumers for our advertisers.

Proven Recipe

With a start of 15 brands that covered 70 markets programatically in one go we created a recipe that scales.

Methodical Approach

All our brands use our methodical process wheel approach to maximise output.

Intelligent Automation

We leverage the latest technologies to automate all our processes. Some we build ourselves.


We create local presence in thousands of topics through intelligent automation of all our process steps

// Our companies

Our companies build technology and processes to reach high-intent consumers in their moment of decision.

// Why partner with us

We put top brands in front of their high-intent consumers during their moment of decision, with localised content, globally.

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